Armel Kamenyero
Armel is a theoretical physicist. He completed a MSc in Theoretical Physics at the University of Oran in Algeria and a 1-year Post-Graduate Diploma in High Energy Physics, Astroparticle Physics and Cosmology at ICTP in Italy. His research interest is in recent developments in theoretical particle physics, especially the AdS/CFT correspondence which arises from the superstring theory. He is currently working on finding exact solutions in ABJM matrix model and the eventual implications in M theory and/or condensed matter physics. In the past, he worked on Gaussian matrix model and Wilson Loops in N=4 SYM.

Bonaventure Dusabe
After finishing his undergraduate studies in Physics at University of Burundi, Bonaventure did a MSc in Mathematical Sciences at the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) in South Africa. He is currently an Assistant Lecturer at the Faculty of Engineering Sciences of the University of Burundi. His area of research is theoretical and computational condensed matter physics as well as mathematical physics.

Claude-Michel Nzotungicimpaye
Claude-Michel is a research assistant and doctoral candidate based in Canada. His research interests are in climate science with a focus on numerical modelling of the feedbacks between the physical climate system and the carbon cycle. His other research interests include atmospheric science, air pollution as well as statistical modelling with applications in agriculture. He holds a MSc degree in Environmental and Geographical Science and a BSc degree in Applied Mathematics. So far, he has published 3 scientific articles as principal author and contributed to academic teaching in 4 countries.

David Niyukuri
David is a TWAS/NRF PhD Fellow working towards a PhD in Epidemiology at Stellenbosch University in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences. He has an educational background in Mathematics. His research is on using mathematical and computational techniques for disease modelling especially the genetic variation of the HIV virus. In the past, he worked as a teaching assistant at University of Burundi and visiting lecturer at Institut Supérieur des Cadres Militaires of Burundi. Beside his scientific research activities, David participates in the mobilisation of other young scientists and in the nurturing of science in his country. He has been selected as the Next Einstein Forum Ambassador for Burundi and was invited by the Global Young Academy to participate and to give a presentation in the second regional conference of National Young Academies in October 2016. As source of inspiration and perseverance, David is always inspired by two quotes of Nelson Mandela, stating that “education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” and “it always seems impossible until it’s done.”

Emery Nibigira
Emery is a PhD candidate with research interests in the field of high energy physics, commonly known as elementary particle physics. His degrees include a MSc in Mathematical Sciences and a MSc in Particle Physics. He currently works at Laboratoire de Physique Corpsculaire at Université Blaise Pascal in France. His work focuses on understanding the basic constituents of matter and how they interact between each other using the CERN particle accelerator. His favorite quote is: “A good dose of curiosity is all one will need to discover a whole world that spans from the infinitesimally small and stretches to the infinitely large” by Pauline Gagnon.

Jean de Dieu Nkurunziza
Jean de Dieu is working towards a PhD in Statistics at Centre d’Excellence en Sciences Mathématiques et Applications in Benin. His ambition is to apply statistics in his everyday life especially in problems related to sampling and estimations. He holds a BSc degree from University of Burundi and a MSc degree from the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) in Senegal. He has taught at Petit Séminaire de Kanyosha and at various higher institutions in Burundi such as Ecole Normale Supérieure, Université du Lac Tanganyika, Hope Africa University and East Africa Star University of Rugombo. Beside his scientific research activities, Jean de Dieu is a member of Consultative Commission for Protection Against Radiation in Burundi.

Pacifique Batungwanayo
Pacifique holds degrees (BSc and MSc) in Mathematical Sciences and a MSc degree in Mathematical Modelling. His research interests are in climate change modelling using mathematical and geostatistical models as well as participatory tools to develop livestock and livelihood options best-suited to agricultural circumstances. He is currently working as Assistant Lecturer at University of Burundi. His ambitions are to impart strong morals of science in general and mathematics in particular to the youth and to public engagement.

Paterne Gahungu
After completing his BSc in Burundi and a MSc at the African Institute for mathematical Sciences (AIMS) in Tanzania, Paterne is currently based in Benin where he is doing a PhD research on stochastic modeling. Apart from academic activities, Paterne worked as volunteer at Centre de Recherche en Didactique des Sciences au Burundi.

Viateur Habarugira
Viateur holds a MSc degree in Mathematical Sciences from the African Institute for Mathematics (AIMS) in Senegal and a BSc in Mathematics from the University of Burundi. His research interest is in statistics. He has a rich teaching experience in Burundi at both the university level (Université de Ngozi and Université des Grands Lacs) and high school level (Lycée Buye and Lycée Clarté Notre Dame de Vugizo). Beside his scientific research activities, Viateur is a member of Health for All Association in the Department of Voluntary Ministers.